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A quote on writing

June 13, 2015
eugene ionesco writing quote

I found this quote by Eugene Ionesco recently, and it speaks to me.

It’s sort of what I mean when I refer to my writing as my ‘infinite homework’.

It means I can never switch it off.

Yep, when I am not writing, I am still thinking about it. But also: I am feeling guilty because I am not writing!

the guilt monkey

the guilt monkey

I may not get a vacation, but the stewing over of ideas is definitely a lot more pleasant than the hard graft of actually creating & editing words. It’s easy to think. Wander about with stories in your brain… and never put them down.

I have to write, no matter what. Even when I hate it – when I stare at the screen and want to poke my eyeballs out with forks rather than write – I have to do it.

Otherwise I’m just thinking about being a writer…