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Greece: the quick version

December 11, 2012

I had wanted to visit Greece for ages, and I loved it. For our trip, Greece gets:

Best photos

This country is photogenic like woah. The light in the islands was glorious. Sunsets always stunning. Those whitewashed buildings perched on cliffsides, blue domed churches, windmills. I love looking back at our photos from there.

Best beach time

By the time we got to Greece, it was September and high season for tourists was finishing. At Santorini, we stayed at Perissa, a black sand beach. It was so quiet. We’d meander from our hotel to the beach, take our pick of the sun loungers. Duffster swam & dove while I lay in & out of the sun, reading my Kindle to pieces (erm, literally), getting smoothies delivered one after the other. I think we only did that for 1 or 2 days but it feels like an age in my mind. Bliss.

Worst city

Athens isn’t much to write home about. But we knew that, and stayed the minimum time in order to visit the Acropolis. I think it’s worth a visit. There’s something amazing about standing on that slippery marble outcrop, worn smooth by thousands of feet over thousands of years. Watch your step.


Italy: the quick version

August 30, 2012
Crossing the road in Pompeii

The Colosseum

The Colosseum

Our feet after 7 hours of wandering through Pompeii

Our feet after 7 hours of wandering through Pompeii

The beautiful Florence

The beautiful Florence

The view from our hostel in Florence

The view from our hostel in Florence

From our trip, I am awarding to Italy:

Best monument

The Colosseum. It just kicks ass.

Best historical place

Pompeii. We spent 7 hours there and I didn’t even see everything I wanted to. I could easily spend another 7 hours there. The immersive experience of exploring an ancient Roman city was simply amazing.

One of the best meals

Veal with truffle sauce in Perugia. That rich delicious darksweetearthy truffle was melt in the mouth stand out amazing. Duffster is still talking about it to whoever will listen.

(Second best meal was one of the cheapest, in France: warm baguette from a bakery, fresh rotisserie chicken, washed down with a chilled bottle of champagne… while sitting in a park at sunset.)

Worst timing

We couldn’t swing it any other way so unfortunately passing through Italy fell in the middle of our trip, in August. This is not a good time to visit. It’s HOT. And there’ll be whole towns deserted, fled for the coast & the sea. I’m looking at you, Bologna.

Worst breakfasts

Italians eat on the run, grabbing a shot of espresso and sugary pastry while standing at the bar at the local cafe. But when I’m on holiday, I LOVE lingering over a big breakfast, watching the world go by & soaking up the atmosphere.

Most hilarious collection of sculpture (unintentional)

The Vatican’s collection of penis-less male sculpture is pretty impressive. I wonder where they all went. Are there boxes of genitals stored somewhere?