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A movie, a birthday, a jersey

April 26, 2017

We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 on Monday night and you guys! It was so enjoyable, I had such a good time watching it. Really funny and satisfying. I didn’t have high expectations for it, tbh, I suppose because it’s a sequel and the first one was so – different & surprising – still, I thought it would be fun, and worthwhile seeing on the big screen (The Mr & I don’t get so many opportunities to go to the movies these days!) – it definitely exceeded my expectations. I laffed. Oh yeah. I was that lady cackling away over her choc top.

So, it’s funny – and it’s emotional, cashing in on some of the info & connections built in the previous film. Our awesome fivesome are joined by some new & old peeps. Elizabeth Debicki is fabulous as the high priestess. A thick layer of gold paint only makes her innate stature even more haughty. I hope she sticks around for the next one. Pom Klementieff as Mantis, with her lack of socialisation, is the perfect character played alongside the very literal Drax.

Go see it, it’s good fun. So much better than the last Marvel films I’ve seen: Avengers FiftyBillion (that’d be the number of characters in it, not the sequel number) or Dr Strange (snoooooozefest).


It’s my smallest progeny’s first birthday next week. Yes I know! That year flewww past. Every parent says that. Because it’s true, they fly by like flying things. He is the most delicious creature right now but as my MIL points out, they’re designed that way. It’s evolutionary, yeah, so we keep procreating. If they leapt right into 3 year olds, the human race would swiftly die out. I look at my sweet little boy and I think, heaven help me, he’s going to be a 3 year old one day… O_o

This chocolate chiffon cake is the cake I’m going to make for his little party on the weekend. It’s a humungous recipe, suitable for feeding The Masses, but I think I will stuff it full of cream and lather on some buttercream icing instead of doing the salted caramel. My test bake was very promising, so I’d highly recommend this if you’re looking for a MASSIVE CAKE. Get yourself a 25cm tin and line it high with baking paper, my bakerly friends.


Finally it’s looking like Melbourne is ready to pull autumn on for good, so I’m getting to that stage where you stand in front of all your clothes every morning and think, this is not good. this shit is just not going to fly.

C’mon I know that doesn’t just happen to me every 6 months!

I had this vague hope that my personal fashion concept this year would extend beyond Jeans + T-shirt + Mum-Bun Hair. But how I can apply this practically, when I have no time to shop & try on clothes, is the tricksy bit. Also my hair is doing that I-have-a-12-month-old-baby thing, where it’s half grown back and half still falling out, lanky and ick and frizzy. That means bun-time, all the time.

I should buy some hats.

Anyway, I did pick up this super cute jersey a couple of weekends ago from French Connection, so at least I have one thing that I’m happy about wearing in the colder weather… and look! if you like it too, it’s currently on sale. And ooh, doesn’t it look good with a cute hat?