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November 21, 2019

Wearing: togs togs togs, and a tan, and curly hair because it’s no good fighting the curl in humidity like this.

Reading: Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. Absolute perfect beach read while on holiday. Diamond-sharp dialogue. I really hope we get to see this on screen.

Eating: GELATO – this is the absolute BEST if you’re in Noosa!

Watching: I impatiently await the return of the Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Dreaming about: visiting the motherland Aoetearoa in a couple of months and getting to see my family, and eat all the ice cream, and absorb that perfect mix of sun & sea & light & bush & birdcall & soul & accent & attitude that makes up NZ.



February 28, 2018

Reading: critique partner stories – this doesn’t leave room for any other reading, but benefits my brain in other ways.

Writing: the space opera with the end which is still missing in action.

Wearing: a t-shirt that is both stripy and printed with oranges. lavender nail polish. shorts. a frown.

Watching: the Bachelor. Oh yes, whatever, I know I’m going straight to the Bad Place. I follow up by watching/reading Sharleen’s recaps (here and here). Her astute & sympathetic insider’s eye has markedly increased my enjoyment of the show. I can see the joins! And have a lot of fun recognising them.

Playing: Stardew Valley and why oh why did I download this, I knew this would happen, somebody please take it off me, anybody, please.

Listening: to songs written by Linda Perry.

Eating: Rocky road. I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen WATCH OUT. Pistachios & ginger make nice additions. Broken up biscuits are a bit meh and aren’t worth it. I like a mix of dark & milk chocolate – Whittakers, of course, because I think we’ve talked about how Kiwi dairy makes the best chocolate. Oh, you need to ensure the chocolate is cooled before you add the marshmallows…



August 6, 2015
Currently for August 2015 - mandarins & chipped nail polish

Reading: The Twelve by Justin Cronin. Naturally I had to follow up by reading the next book in the series. And this one was published in 2013 which means I’m not that far behind all the cool kids now… Like the first, this is quite gripping and movie-esque. And like the first, I am sliiiightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of characters & names.

Wearing: super soft stretchy jeans from Zara, long fluffy grey cardy that my sister left behind, sparkly Witchery earrings, REALLY chipped nail polish (I knew this would happen if I painted my crappy nails)

Sustenance: mandarins – winter’s sweet treat

Exercise: beginners ballet on Sunday, leg day at the gym on Tuesday

Napping: The sproglet did 2 hours today. We’ve been seeing some good averages lately. Long live the nap.

Listening: Lana Del Rey on Pandora



July 11, 2015

Reading: The Passage by Justin Cronin. As always, I am late to the party when it comes to whatever book of the moment everyone is raving about. This was, what, the book of 2010 or something?! Whatever you are reading now, you can look forward to hearing my thoughts about it in five years time. I’m really enjoying this so far. Although maybe the word isn’t enjoying – because that first chapter almost lost me… oof, is it cause I have a kid now that the idea of abandoning a child squicked me out? – it’s certainly got me gripped at any rate. I’m finding it really visual. Like reading a movie.

Editing/writing: hates it, my precious

Feelings of pure apathy about my story: 5

Wearing: thick tramping socks, “mum bun”, zara jeans with a hole in the thigh

Watching: Survivor. All of the Survivor. Yup. I have a serious addiction to this TV show. I have been rewatching some older seasons since I discovered there are loads of extra videos on Youtube. They add this whole other dimension to the show. I love getting to see the jury members hang out at Ponderosa after being voted out. Some are bitter and dark, others take it on the chin quite cheerfully. They are ALL obsessed with food. Usually peanut butter.