I’m Kate, a 30-mumble-mumble-something Kiwi living in Melbourne. I write stories.

I’m currently working on a YA sci fi novel about a girl who’s the youngest in a family of super-powered monster-hunters. It includes all of the food descriptions, a lesbian mum power couple, a very snarky mouse, and monsters with lots of teeth.

In the trail of words left behind me is… a space opera about a mining slave runaway & a surly mercenary who get caught up in the aftermath of a planetary civil war; an epic fantasy featuring two damaged heroes trying to track down a demonic killer; and an urban fantasy about a woman meeting a man cursed to never die.

I love coffee, sunshine, sci fi and fantasy, marshmallow, martinis, lip balm, and reading. I lived in London for 5 years — couldn’t handle the winter, but frequently feel nostalgia for my time there. And I also feel homesick for Aotearoa, my homeland. I have two boisterous boys who keep me busy all day every day.

I’m a sporadic blogger at best. Check out my Instagram or follow me on The Twitterer for more regular bite-sized updates.

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