Infinite homework report

June 6, 2019
my desk, where the infinite homework happens

Oh hey, it’s been a minute.

So. It’s June, and I’m just about finished with the second draft of a YA sci fi novel. The story I never intended to write. And I still love it. And that feels like a really good sign.

Here’s the playlist I’ve been listening to during this rewrite.

The process of writing this story has been one of evolution. Each draft expanding on the last. The very first iteration was a 19k novella draft, written almost exactly a year ago, on a total whim. A story from the ether channeled through my fingers. It’s now about 65k, more complicated, more punchy, a little less festive-themed. I’ve never written anything in this accumulative way before. It really is true that every story is different!

I’m pretty happy with its bones, so fingers & toes crossed a good edit and polish will make it shiny & submittable, and I can send my little monster hunters out into the world. I’d hoped to be ready to pitch it in #PitMad tonight! But alas. I’ll have to catch the next one…

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