Loving & loathing for March-even-though-it’s-almost-April-already-eep

March 11, 2017

The 2017 edition…


Gin & tonics. Funny thing about Melbourne. The weather. Ticked over March and Melbourne’s like, WAIT WHAT DID I FORGET TO DO SUMMER? *throws about buckets of sunshine, gentle breezes, & blue skies* WHOOPS MY BAD. So we are having gin & tonics these days, with plenty of fat lemons squeezed to death in the Lemon Tongs of Doom – no, I kid, we gently massacre a wedge into each glass instead, the Doom Tongs are for General Cookery, not cocktails…

Landscaping. I look out our windows and see painted fences (Monument btw- highly recommended) and olive trees and happy green plants and sweet jasmine and bloodthirsty lawn seeking to take over our entire block, and I am content. This is still an IN even though we got it done in January. I bask.

Marshmallow easter eggs. These will be the death of me. It’s not even Easter yet! Argh. Please stop me. Anyone. Please. Nobody? Oh, okay then. *nom nom nom*

Logan. Oh gosh this was a very good film. Less superhero origin movies, more superhero finale movies, thank you. All gritty and brutal and Westernesque, No Country For Old Men with a sprinkling of Mad Max.


Reading. I am doing a poor job of reading so far this year, having only read three books. THREE! Yikes. I’d read 10 books by this time last year. I need to do less Gilmore-Girls-back-catalogue-watching, and more kindle-gazing.

Hass avocados. It’s the season for Shepard avocados now, which I personally believe to be The Inferior Cousin of the Hass. Sure it’s nice how green they stay, but they’re tasteless in comparison. We’ve hit pause on the guacamole days, team.

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