Loving & loathing for February

February 2, 2016

The 2016 edition…


Afternoon siestas. Thank you, Peppa Pig, for being such a great babysitter.

My new chair. This is my lovely writing chair *pats chair* Isn’t it lovely? I have been coveting this beauty for a couple of years and now we are – at last – in the new house, it was mine to snatch up (and on sale too!) Currently it is stationed at the kitchen table, awaiting delivery of my desk-slash-table. Ordered that from Freedom Furniture, which as you know, requires Chinese monks who have taken a vow of silence to climb a mountain under the light of a blue moon to chop down the timber by hand and then construct the table blindfolded before it is strapped to the back of pilot whales and ferried to Australia following the prevailing ocean currents. So, still a few weeks to go before that turns up. (Remind me not to order stuff from Freedom again.)

The Fridge. The marvelousness of being able to buy watermelon & bottles of sparkling water. Of only going to the supermarket once, maybe twice, a week. Appreciated.


The dustmudfest around our house. I’m soo sick of it. Can’t wait for a driveway, which I will hose down regularly with much reverence like a true blue Australian. (Actually I don’t know why Aussies hose their driveways so passionately. Is it the general dustiness of this grand sandy country? Are they just mad on concrete?)

Heat. I never thought I’d write this… ever… but I am actually looking forward to cooler weather. Turns out pregnancy & summer aren’t such great bedbuddies, even for a cold blooded creature like myself.

Restless legs. Insomnia. Difficulty reaching feet. General exhaustion. All that jazz, and more than 3 months still to go…

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