Wednesday writing update

January 22, 2015

Oh dear, poor blog *pats blog*

OK so where was I?

I finished the draft of Rukan. That felt pretty amazing even though I was instantly suffused with fear over how much editing will be required. I was only 10 days over my self-imposed-schedule & that was just down to the story needing more words than I’d scheduled to write. My mini Nanowrimo was a resounding success & it was pleasing to finish the month on target. I can write more words a day if I put my mind to it. And if I know what I’m writing…

Then I started the aforementioned editing. I have a PLOT document which lists each chapter & what happens & whose POV & blahblah. I spent a month going through the plot, chapter one to chapter twenty-nine-ish, shuffling stuff around & deleting crap & making notes about what needs to change. Inventing lots of new words & names that had placeholders.

And now I am back at the beginning & rewriting.

I am up to chapter two.

This is going to be a very long ride.

It doesn’t help that sproglet is transitioning down to one nap a day instead of two. That means I have less opportunities to write. Evenings, argh, are so difficult for this work. Editing requires such different brainpower. Fresh-morning-coffee’d-up brainpower, it seems.

But I’ll get there. This bloody book will be done.

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