The frame is going up!

June 7, 2015

We snuck into the building site yesterday, and walked those spaces that will be our home. Downstairs is already framed up – walls and doorways and spaces for windows. We could see the clouded sky through timber slats and imagine a window. This will be carpet, and this will be floorboards. Where this ladder is will be stairs.

We pootled (cautiously) through the garage, the tv room (or ‘the home theatre’ if you’re feeling fancy). The Mr’s office was much larger than in my head. And the laundry – oh what storage we will have! *silly storage dance* I am such a housewife these days: I can’t wait for that laundry room.

From the open plan kitchen/dining/living, we walked out into the alfresco and pictured a backyard – instead of the mudfest that it is currently.

Everything was a lot larger than in my head. Are we actually building a castle? Hmm. We’re sure gonna rattle around in there to start with.

It was so awesome to walk through real life spaces that until now have only existed on paper. Building a house is a little bit terrifying because – what might we have got wrong? We have picked this design and all these finishes, piece by piece, and now they are being assembled… and we won’t know until it’s done whether something won’t work. I’m like 97% confident. I think if we’d designed it all from scratch ourselves I’d be less so, but we are going with a volume builder & a template design. So chances are it’ll be alright. Yeah? Yeah. I’ll let you know after we move in…

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