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November 17, 2015

Rukan – currently titled Silver & Iron and that’s totally the best I can come up with considering my utter inability to find titles for shit – has crept even closer to finishdom. This draftski is doneski as of yesterday. 106,000-odd words, start to finish, only one tiny (teeny! itty bitty! I swear!) bit that needs filling in.

But enough! for now.

I’ve never got so far in completing a book before – so I don’t know if this will happen every time – but by gum*, I hate working on this story. Literally have been forcing myself. Every single minute. We are too close. I want to punch it in the guts and tell it to get out of my face. It’s mouth breathing all over me. Gah.

So as per my latest plan, I’m going to print this sucker out, stick it in a folder with a new red pen, and set it aside for a couple of months. Let it slip out of my brain a little bit… let my brain focus on a totally new and different story instead. Refreshing! I’m so excited! New story! Eeeee.

Give me and Rukan some space, some distance.

Then come (February?) I shall uncap that red pen, get work on a bit of spit & polish, and finish this story up for good. With fresher hopefully-not-so-hateful eyes. Oh, and the accompanying query letter (which is drafted – still a bit long I think – christ these things are hard to write). And then we will see what the world makes of it.

I sort of feel accomplished and excited at this point but not as satisfied as I guess I’d hoped. Writing this story has taken me too long. It’s lost all its shine. I don’t even know how crap it really is: I can’t SEE it anymore. But at least I can still appreciate the effort I’ve put into it, even if I can’t love it as a story anymore.

I’m mostly looking forward to writing something completely different right now…

* by gum?! I don’t even know where that came from. Pretty sure have not been reading any old school detective novels or such.

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