Loving & loathing for September

September 1, 2015

The 2015 edition…


Spanish sandals. E.g., Avarcas. I came across a pair on sale at Sidewalk Soul and snaffled them up. Who buys summer sandals in winter? Moi! I wore ’em in while we were in Qld & now I’m eagerly anticipating warmer weather to schlep around here in them.

Eyelash extensions. You don’t have to wear mascara and you look amazing when you wake up in the morning. Luff.

My friend’s adorable bibs. I thought Jamie would’ve stopped dribbling by now. Guess those teeth are still coming on through (his foul moods possibly also demonstrating this…) So bibs are in high demand still – thank goodness for Milk & Dribble. You know, that’s one thing I’d do differently right from the getgo – just buy more bibs. All the bibs, everywhere, all the time.

Fallout Shelter. The only cellphone game I’ve ever downloaded & I’m instantly addicted. It’s like SimCity but in a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland. On your phone. I very much like giving my survivors silly names (Acqua di Parma works in the Water room. Buzzer Jones works in the Energy room. Cookie Von Spoodleson works in the Cafe. You get the gist.) And sending them out on useless missions into The Wastelands, where they usually die & I spend a fortune (in bottlecaps, that is, the currency of the game) bringing them back to life.


Fallout Shelter. I am spending too much time on this game. Hopefully I get bored of it soon.

Broken electric blanket. It broke mid-winter and mid-warranty. On my side only. And there are no more electric blankets left in stock to replace it this season. Also I have lost my hot water bottle. I probably threw it out when we got the electric blanket…

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