Loving & loathing for October

October 3, 2015
Calendar for October 2015 and flowers in a vase

The 2015 edition…


A blast of hot spring weather. This is a good way to start the warmer months! Even though I do think that, on the whole, October is the worst month in Melbourne. Pollen. Wind. Not a good combination.

Finishing my book. This is it! The last month to write on Rukan if I want to reach my goal of finishing it in October. Must. Keep. Plodding. On. (I have lost all will for it, btw. Good times.)

Getting old & decrepit. Another October, another birthday.

rose gold sandals from target
These cute sandals from Target
 Only $29! Sweet.


The lemon tree. I have decided I am not going to take it with us to the new house. With the amount of bug infestations & issues that thing has, it would be like bringing a Trojan Horse with us. The new house deserves a clean slate garden!

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