Loving & loathing for June

June 3, 2015

The 2015 edition…


This video. Oh my. Lots of repeats.

Ballet classes. Naturally, upon watching the above video, I got inspired & have gone along to some beginner classes at The Space studios in Prahran. Loving it. Although get frustrated at my general lack of flexibility.

Tuna melts. A yum lunch for these all-of-a-sudden-it’s-winter kind of days. I make mine after this style from BBC good food. Mayonnaise & tuna & spring onions, covered in bubbly cheese & sprinkled with paprika.


Winter. So the first of June rolled in and so did the cold. Actually I don’t mind the cold so much (and let’s face it, Melbourne doesn’t even get that cold) but I do mind all these dreary mornings and early sunsets and drizzly days. Bring on the winter solstice so we can start heading back to summertime…

Scraggly hair. I really need a haircut. I’m so bad at going to the hairdresser on the regular.


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