Loving & loathing for July

July 4, 2015

The 2015 edition…


Happy July! It’s still winter, aaaargh. BUT at least the days are getting longer now. Second by second, we are inching our way closer to spring. Today is 36 SECONDS longer than yesterday. Woo. That is what I will try to think about as the southerly wind gnaws on my cheeks.

This recipe for hot & spicy chicken wings. Gooooood.

Mulled wine. Hot spiced delicious red wine! Bonus: makes your house smell all lovely, like cinnamon and citrus and clove. And wine. This recipe from Felicity Cloake at the Guardian is the best. Have a mugful & fall into a slightly sleepy cosy stupor on the couch with me.

Darrel Lea raspberry liquorice twists. Soft & gooey & delicious. You guys, I have eaten a lot of this stuff recently. So much it is kinda trending towards OUT. Which is probably a good thing.


Winter colds. They seem to keep circulating through our little townhouse.

Australian govt. WTF already. Stop dicking around & just pass same-sex marriage into law. It’s getting embarrassing.

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