Loving & loathing for August

August 3, 2015

The 2015 edition…


Holidayz! We’re embarking on our annual winter getaway to Queensland in a couple of weeks. Weather better be nice yo or I will, like… sue Clive Palmer… yeah. If I can just get maybe 1 hour of solitary beach time to sunbathe & read, I think I can handle whatever winter wants to throw my way afterwards. This year friends are joining us & we plan many fun excursions to see giant fruit & such other exciting familytime activities. This is going to be Jamie’s last flight as a freeloading lap-flyer. Which is both sad (after this we’re gonna have to pay for him) and maybe not so sad (have you seen how big that kid is? and he has to fit on my lap? for the entire flight? errr.)

The Bachelorette. I have never watched a Bachelor/ette before. Well maybe an episode here & there but not a whole season and YESS this was so much FUN. DRAMAZ & the hearts oh they are a breaking & WILL HE JUST SHAVE THAT PATCHY BEARD OFF NOW PLEASE. I would’ve loved to watch it as it aired & written silly recaps for each episode because it is just that kind of show. Can that be my new day job? Perhaps I should do it for the Bachelor Australia season that’s just started? (Although the bachelorettes seem far less likely to gushingly declare undying love after 1 microsecond of bach attention, sadly – not sure the source material will allow for quite the same recapping fun.)


Crappy nails. I must’ve neglected my cuticles about 3 months ago because my nails are splintering in force right now, just when I feel like slapping some rich wintry colour on them. Have broken out my trusted Crabtree & Evelyn cuticle moisturiser, and hopefully they’ll be strong again in time for peppy springtime colour…?!

Ant-man. I just didn’t like it. To be honest I wasn’t really interested in seeing it… and it lived up to my expectations. Something felt MISSING. Like it was following a formula & missed out on proper soul. I feel like I really would’ve preferred a Black Widow movie…

Bye bye little sister. She only lived in Melbourne for 3 months, during which time she went & got herself a job in Vietnam. Whaaaat?!

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