Infinite homework report

June 30, 2015
infinite homework report

Current WIP

I have 3 chapters left in this first editing pass of Rukan. Eeeesh, I am so close! It almost feels like a real story now!

This pass has been a real tough slog. A lot of rewriting. Very slow going. A lot of angst. It has taken me so much longer than I wanted it to.

Next steps are:

  • Another pass with more rewriting (minimal) & updates as per notes I’ve made so far & continuity edits that haven’t been done yet. I’m feeling a bit stuck on those 3 chapters so I might do this first, then come back to fix those guys up all proper-like.
  • A read-through pass. To make sure it flows. Read & then edit, or edit as I go? Not sure yet.
  • (Possibly another massive rewrite if I decide that the beginning does, in fact, need to be drastically changed. Ugh. Save me.)
  • A printed out read-through. By now I hope to be down to line edits & nitpicks. Spellcheck time. Red pen time. (YESSS.)
  • TA DA. We have 1 finished manuscript and 1 utterly over it writer. Goal: October. 3 months to get here!

Future WIP(s)

Because I feel like I’m getting down to the pointy end of Rukan, I’ve been daydreaming about what I’ll write next. It’s like a treat. Shiny new ideas! They sparkle, all tempting & fresh & unsullied by actual work. The total opposite of how I feel about the current WIP. Will I do a post apocalyptic story? Urban fantasy set in London? Or perhaps the sci fi that I started writing years ago & didn’t know how to finish. Well. I know how to finish a book now. I could dust that off & start version bajillion-point-oh. Can’t wait!

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