Infinite homework report

September 9, 2015
infinite homework report

Current WIP

Omg you guys, can it be… am I actually getting close to finishing this beast? I am in the middle of a pass through right now – checking for continuity & flow, tightening up saggy bits, highlighting facts to check. But I’m not rewriting. I’m editing. Damn, when did that happen? I haven’t yet reached those bastard chapters of 16 through to 18 (sometimes 19 also pisses me off) so there might still be lots of work ahead of me. Right now, though, I am feeling good. I am feeling on track to finishing in October. Long may this feeling last.

Still haven’t decided if I want to find a beta reader, or get a manuscript assessment.

And I am actually looking forward to buying a shiny new red pen, and printing out a bajillion pages of story, and doing some line editing.

Future WIP(s)

I haven’t looked into the future recently. Still thinking a sci fi trilogy will be next. Whatever it is, it certainly will be a much betterer plotted story, at the very least. Stern new rule: no starting something till you know how it finishes.

Shortie shorts

I poked at “A Swim with Bede” (working title) again. It grew some words, and something like a plot structure. But it’s very undone still. I had this grand idea that it would be awesome to write four short stories each year – that’s only one every three months. Achievable right? A more pessimistic part of my brain is hysterically laughing right now. Maybe I should just try & finish ONE THING this year.

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