Infinite homework report

August 5, 2015
infinite homework report

Current WIP

Spent a hefty chunk of time on Monday fixing up my plot document – specifically, the saggy middle bits. Now I can see how the story moves forward and I have (almost) a plan of attack for those damned three chapters. 16, 17 and 18, I’m looking at you, you bastards. After that, it’s a smooth downhill to the end, and I can move into some more nitty-gritty editing work.

I’m still not sure whether I will get anyone to read it for me. i.e., pay for a manuscript assessment, or force ask a friend to be my beta reader. I know it would be hugely useful. But part of me just wants this story to be finished already and getting feedback would mean it isn’t finished already, YKWIM? I am reserving final judgement until after I’ve reached the end of this current draft.

Future WIP(s)

I have a plot document which is shaping up nicely. I like to work on this in the evenings after dinner, so it’s not moving very far or fast, but a plan is accumulating. It’s the first story in a set of three, though. Can I commit to a trilogy? What if I hate everything after book one… and then have to write two more? Eek.


“A Swim with Bede” (working title): I poke at this short story every now & then. I really like what’s there so far, and I really want to finish it. Got to make the time for that to happen though. It would be nice to finish something & try find a home for it while the giant beast WIP lumbers on towards its inevitable doom.

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