I heart the Sunshine Coast

August 24, 2015

Swimming with Nanna in Maroochydore

The Queensland Zoo - Big Pineapple in the background

Queensland Zoo - train station


Swimming in Maroochydore

Swimming in Maroochydore

Sunset at Maroochydore Cotton Tree

A slice of moon in Cotton Tree

I am back from our annual winter getaway to the Sunshine Coast. Aaahhh. That is me now ready to do battle with the remainder of winter. The whole one week of it.

This year we got a mixed bag of weather… but it was still better than last year’s totally rained-out affair. We got beach time, sand between our toes, sunshine on our skin. Big pineapples were visited. (Someone needs to make a post-apocalyptic film at the Big Pineapple, because that place is a ready-made set, all empty buildings and rusted glasshouses and empty parking lots fallen into disrepair…) There’s a zoo next door now, where I got up close to my first ever live koalas. And koala BABIES! Surely there are few cuter things in the world than sleeping squished up koala baby faces. We also saw Tasmanian devils, dingoes, an echidna, loads of wallabies and kangaroos, as well as other non-native critters.

We drank plenty of coffee, had some stressful drives with two screaming children, watched Foxtel movies and read magazines, & failed to co-ordinate naptimes most days. We had dinner at the surf club, made excursions round the area, and the dads made dad jokes (exhibit 1: upon deciding we would have lunch at Deja Vu cafe “I have a feeling we’ve eaten here before…” and exhibit 2: “why would you go see Magic Mike when you have your own Magic Mike at home?”)

Now we are back in the not-actually-that-chilly Melbs, and I am already planning next year’s trip!

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