Five things on a Friday

July 17, 2015

Happy day of the Fri! Here are some random things for your perusement…

I really like the look of this movie, The Dressmaker, coming out in Oct. It’s from the director of How To Make an American Quilt, and has some great names in it, including one of the Hemsworths with no shirt on (always a bonus). Will def check this out.


io9 obsessively breaks down every frame of the recent Suicide Squad trailer. From this trailer, I personally: am not convinced about Cara Delevingne; look forward to seeing Joel Kinnaman – he was so awesome in The Killing TV series; am stoked to see Adam Beach – “Hey Victor” from Smoke Signals; and thought Viola Davis looks pretty damned cool. “I put them in a hole… and then threw away the hole.”


Jim Carrey falling down compilation. Heh.


Chicken with haloumi & honey. This is a super easy AND super delicious recipe: the best kind, IMHO. Throw it all in the oven & eat with delight 20(ish) minutes later. Love that squeaky cheese.


If you’re looking for some cute homewares, then check out the Mark Tuckey collaboration with Cotton On. Really lovely gear at good prices. I ordered a set of canisters & some teatowels, and am currently eyeing up the sheets & storage baskets…

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