A Saturday in the life of

June 21, 2015



The Mr gets up for golf before the sunrise comes.
I turn over in the warm bed and think about my dreams.
Jamie wakes up, and chatters, and I bring him into bed and we talk about what we’re going to do today.
I pop him back in the cot while I grab a shower.
Clear away dishes. Give him breakfast. Feed pets. Change nappy.
Crisis. There are no coffee pods left.
I have to drink decaf.
Slightly sleepy Skype call with Noni.
I attempt to curl my hair for the first time with curling tongs.
Interesting result.
But at least means I don’t have to wash my hair. Win.
Bundle Jamie into jacket, strap him into pram.
Go buy more coffee pods. And raisin toast. Lunch will be what breakfast was supposed to be.
Stop at the playground on the way home.
Follow in Jamie’s footsteps as he explores the world.
He is mostly interested in running as far as possible in any direction away from the playground.
Home, and an early lunch for the hangry Jamie.
He goes down for his nap.
Raisin toast & coffee! Followed by a salted caramel tim tam.
I open up my WIP. Try to dive into the story, switch on my brain.
This chapter is tricky.
Damn I hate this chapter.
Screw this chapter.
Can I delete the whole thing? No. I have to edit it.
The Mr gets home. We get organised & head out to a shindig at the Fitzroy Bowls Club.
It’s freezing in the winter sun!
We eat sausages with numb fingers.
I huddle beneath the gas lamp, and drink cider.
I throw a few bowls.
I cross my fingers I don’t disrupt the serious players on the turf next to us.
I text the babysitter.
She sends us a video of racing Jamie on the office chair down the hallway.
The sun disappears and the world gets very cold and the sky beautiful.
We catch the tram back to the city and go to Mama Sita.
At 5.55pm, we are second & last in the queue.
At 6.05pm, we are second in a queue of fifteen…
We eat delicious corn and tacos and drink margaritas out of glasses with glittering salted rims.
Train home.
Crank the heating.
Settle in. Television. Pandora. Blogging. Milo.
Hot shower. Bed and electric blanket and reading.

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