A fresh start: new blog design

June 4, 2015

Here we are with the slate wiped clean-ish. It felt like time to begin again: new design, new approach, new content. I’ve archived most of my old posts, freshened up the rest, and now have this zingy new space ready to fill up again. It feels very energising and inspiring. I’ll try & do this redesign some justice and post with a modicrum of consistency going forward. Like, oh, say – once a month? Yeah that’ll be a nice improvement. Any more would only be delivering way above expectation 😉 Though I’m basically just glad to still be here in this space. I started blogging in 2008 on Blogger. Moved to WordPress in 2010. There have been loads of radio silences through the years and I expect there will be more to come – the ebb & flow of life dictating how much time I can dedicate to blogging – but I’ve managed to cling on, and I like to think there’ll still be some form of me here in another 7 years. Hope to see you round 😉

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