1970s desserts ahoy: chocolate marshmallow souffle

June 19, 2015



After a brief hiatus I am back with this madness. I had to recover from a lot of terrible inedible attempts.

This book is pretty crappy, guys. I’m not convinced anyone test baked all (any?) of these recipes.

And I’m sorry for the kind of crappy photos too. Trying to take pictures in our kitchen drives me bonkers, it has the worst lighting. Downlights. Ugh.

But here we are again. With separated eggs! and marshmallows! Hooray for some of the classics.

So you start off making a bechamel sauce. That was weird. Instead of adding cheese and glooping it over cauliflower… you melt in marshmallows, chocolate and sugar.

The addition of sugar was an interesting choice, I thought. Aren’t marshmallows like 99% sugar anyway? Do you really need to sweeten them further? (the answer, we found out, is no)

Then you add beaten egg yolks (the recipe doesn’t specify how beaten – I went for a nice pale creamy yellow) and vanilla essence. Another entirely useless ingredient, I thought: aren’t marshmallows vanilla flavoured anyway?!

Cool the mixture, then fold in stiffly whisked egg whites. Bake in a bath.

Eat, and marvel.

For this dessert tastes wholly – and perhaps unsurprisingly – of marshmallows.

Slightly eggy, cocoa-ish marshmallows.

But you know what? The taste testers are in agreement that this dessert also tastes proper 1970s. We got a real authentic vibe from this fluffy claggy too-sweet marshmallow moosh. We felt like we were all wearing crochet vests and corduroy trousers and shaggy hair as we ate it.

Do you have lino floors and mustard-yellow kitchen cabinets and a formica table? You should totally make this dessert. It will feel right at home.

So. Verdict: interesting, & tooth-stingingly-sweet, & we all managed to finish a bowl, even though most of us felt a bit sick afterwards. Nobody went back for seconds though. This won’t be made again!


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