Loving & loathing for June

June 7, 2014

The 2014 edition…


Unseasonably warm. It’s winter? Really? Coulda fooled me.

UnZud. Going home to the land of the long white cloud this month. The first of many, many visits for the little person. Can’t wait to lug the fatty boomba around my hometown as we (probably freeze our pants off) conduct our annual coffee taste test analysis. And buy him a copy of Poo Bum, a hilarious picture book which seems to be all the rage in Nelson.

‘Chopped power salad’ with baked tofu & almond-miso dressing. This is the first time I’ve ever used tofu. Seriously. I was… skeptical. This is actually a fabulously delicious healthy salad that even avowed carnivore Duffster enjoys & finishes. The dressing is satay-ish. Such a virtuous meal. (Best followed with massive dessert.)


Unseasonably warm. Isn’t it winter? I really do want to use my electric blanket. How spoiled I am.

Possum poo. It is like a permanent lolly scramble for the dog in our backyard at the moment.

Reading. So many books, so little time! Currently still slogging through The Luminaries. It may use up all of my reading allowance for the year still!

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