1970s dessert expeditions: nutty cheese cake

June 2, 2014




S’alright, I guess

A simple recipe for a baked cheesecake. Except using cottage cheese instead of cream cheese…


The crust is smashed up arrowroot biscuits, melted butter & a dash of cinnamon. The recipe also called for sugar but I omitted it, figuring the biscuits would be sweet enough.

For about a milisecond I entertained the idea of putting the biscuits in a plastic bag & using a rolling pin on them. Authentic 70s styles.

Then I got out my food processor.

The filling is sugar, eggs, cottage cheese, whipped cream, lemon juice & lemon rind, flour, and a handful of chopped nuts (I picked a mix of pecans & walnuts).

I didn’t use as much lemon rind as called for. I am getting the feeling this recipe book tends towards heavy-handed on the zested lemon front.

Verdict: like the pineapple glazed cheese pie, I tried this when it was still warm.


And like pineapple glazed cheese pie, later, chilled, it was much improved.

But still a bit meh.

The overall consensus? Cottage cheese just gave it a weird lumpen sort of texture, which wasn’t helped by the odd chewy piece of nut discovery. Perhaps, we wondered suspiciously, using cottage cheese made this a healthy cake, which could be the reason it is rocking the blah factor.

Oh well.

Onwards & upwards!

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