1970s dessert misadventures: apple mousse

May 8, 2014


A bit weird

Ok this was a novelty factor selection, not because I thought that sounds delicious.

This dessert involves making a fine puree of cooked apples & lemon rind, then mixing in some gelatine & lemon juice. Then you beat eggs over boiling water (which is kind of terrifying. I didn’t feel like scrambled eggs for lunch that day). Cool the eggs, and mix into the apple, fold in a hefty serving of cream, and chill.

The recipe says ‘pour into a wet mould’. Oh, this might look awesome turned out onto a plate! I thought. Nope. Mousse stayed firmly inside the mould & was in no way jelly-ish enough to unmould. The recipe SHOULD say ‘pour into individual serving dishes’… Luckily I did dollop a spare bit into a ramekin just in case.

Verdict: Apple mousse is far more citrusy tasting than appley, with a fluffy creamy texture. I mean, it tasted fine… yet kind of odd… This recipe produced BUCKETLOADS of mousse but is definitely something best served in small doses. Would perhaps be a lovely little digestif dessert in hot weather.

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