Greece: the quick version

December 11, 2012

I had wanted to visit Greece for ages, and I loved it. For our trip, Greece gets:

Best photos

This country is photogenic like woah. The light in the islands was glorious. Sunsets always stunning. Those whitewashed buildings perched on cliffsides, blue domed churches, windmills. I love looking back at our photos from there.

Best beach time

By the time we got to Greece, it was September and high season for tourists was finishing. At Santorini, we stayed at Perissa, a black sand beach. It was so quiet. We’d meander from our hotel to the beach, take our pick of the sun loungers. Duffster swam & dove while I lay in & out of the sun, reading my Kindle to pieces (erm, literally), getting smoothies delivered one after the other. I think we only did that for 1 or 2 days but it feels like an age in my mind. Bliss.

Worst city

Athens isn’t much to write home about. But we knew that, and stayed the minimum time in order to visit the Acropolis. I think it’s worth a visit. There’s something amazing about standing on that slippery marble outcrop, worn smooth by thousands of feet over thousands of years. Watch your step.

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